Discover Full House, a family game easy to play but so very entertaining!  The rules are simple, each player operates his own hotel and welcomes guests. Will the desired type of room be available?  Will your hotel be luxurious enough for your guests? Make your guests checkout, improve your hotel as quickly as possible in order to reach higher quality standards.  Be the first player to reach $250,000!  The road to victory will be perked up by e-mail messages.  Anything can happen at Full House!


Which strategy will you use?

Will you be able to overcome the obstacles?


Full House, guaranteed fun for family and friends!

More content for more fun!

63 wacky guests

18 hotel quality standards cards

45 emails cards

8 reversible boards games

4 meeples                                

2 dice                                        

Bank note                               

1 illustrated rules booklet

Quick payment grid           

You can even play up to 6 players, perfect for large families!!


The pelican mother

Full House, play with friends or family, it's fun!!



No more than 3 minutes to learn the rules. It has to roll!!

The general

The hotels are classified by stars! Hiaaah! I like that!


The cowboy

OMG! So ingenious these pictograms on the guest cards. This is trendy!


The asbeen

Large guests (hihi!) Who take up space are much better seated horizontally!


The elephant

Everything is bilingual French and English! Oui monsieur!

The Seamen

"Quick" game! If you are, like me, in a hurry!


The thief

I see in my crystal ball a lot of guests at Full House!


The fortune-teller

The design of this game is very stylish! Hmm, hmm!


The Queen

Amazing for lovers of two-player games!


The bunny and the turtle

Soooo simple and soooo nice, Full House, full relax!


The hippie

Pfff! Super easy, to win, be the first to reach $ 250,000!

The businessman

Upgrade your hotel from 2 to 5 stars to receive as many cool guests as possible!


The rockstars


We are first of all board game players. For us, the current game offer was lacking.

You want to share your ideas, your comments or suggestions, do not hesitate.

You have our promise that we will answer you!


We thank you for your interest in our project.

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